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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Back Page

After 4 tries I have finally succeeded in getting published on Style Weekly's back page, their reserved spots for guest editorials. I have been pushing the subject of homelessness, crime, safety and the misuse of Monroe Park hard since the death of Susanne Thompson, not to take advantage of her murder, but to use my anger in a postive constructive way. Previously, I don't know if I would have wanted to take such a public stand and make myself subject to criticism from people who speak without thinking, but now I relish it. I feel strong in my beliefs and able to respond to any criticism, fair or foul. If I've pushed this issue onto the front burner and moved people to action then I have achieved my purpose. For too long people have avoided this issue just like they do the park.

See the whole story in this week's Style or read it online.

Feeding Frenzy

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Anonymous said...

While you make some valid points in your article, your portrayal of our homeless population did a great disservice to the men, women and children who rely upon local service providers’ support to make a transition from homelessness to a stable, self-sufficient future.

Paul Hammond said...

I simply portrayed what I saw and I actually said very little about women and children. I also fully support efforts to help people off the streets and into a "stable, self sufficient future". Maybe you should reread the article.

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