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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year Richmond

I just returned from New Year's Eve in Carytown tonight and am too tired to be profound. God willing everyone got home safely. Being compressed into a crowd of strangers gives you a different dynamic on what is possible. At once you can enjoy the euphoria of the crowd while simultaneously feeling the tensions arising from too many people in too small a space. As the evening went on I drifted back from the stage, jostling with a crowd seeking to keep it's equilibrium. It never got reached the level of panic, but there was a creeping sense of anxiety here and there. There was a bit of pushing and shoving, but for the most part the crowd policed itself.

I had a sixth sense that this could be something special. I think everyone did. It was a fun night and a grand success. A new Richmond tradition has been born. This year topped last. RVA and everyone concerned did a great job. I believe we've taken another step in showing what a great city this can be.

Here's my barely edited slideshow. Special affects courtesy the New Year's Eve party glasses provided by AT&T. Not only do they provide cheap thrills, but they work acted as a cool lens filter on my digital cam. If you can't view the show here, double click on it and view it on the Picasa website.

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Anonymous said...

you sure did make those guitars look awful pretty! lovely photos...love the ones where the screen is the huge version of the smaller performer up front. good job!

** **