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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Buttermilk is Much Better Than Nothing

[Editor's Note]

A last minute sympathy vote for nothing has pushed it back into 2nd place, but I stand by my statement, Buttermilk IS much better than nothing.

While being creamy and delicious, this Buttermilk, when mixed with Molasses, not only makes a tasty treat, but a bittersweet commentary on life in Richmond. While its long been a mystery why nothing has been the long time leader in the Richmond blogging community, it's sudden fall from grace remains unexplained. As stated here previously, nothing has produced consistent content down through the years and remains popular both on and offline. My own flirtation with nothing leaves me embarassed. My hopes are that I remain less than nothing, as with great power, comes great responsibility, and that would be totally out of character.

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