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Thursday, January 31, 2008

If We Don't Win It's a Shame

We were not surprised,...just disappointed

"We were not surprised when the Atlanta Braves announced they’d decided to take their AAA club to Gwinnett County, Ga. However, we’re just as disappointed", so begins Gary Armstrong of Richmond Baseball Initiative in his Back Page Op/Ed in this week's Style. I didn't even know these guys still existed, but I'm glad they do. They may be our last best hope for saving baseball in Richmond. We may not only be losing a baseball team, which can be replaced, but a baseball stadium, which won't be.

The Times-Dispatch reports "Chesterfield may be seeking baseball team Local officials will meet today to discuss the future of minor-league baseball amid indications from Chesterfield County that it won't rule out seeking a team on its own."

This would be the last nail in the coffin and was easily predictable. We stand at a crossroads. We can either step forward and do something great for Richmond or step aside and watch one more piece of city history disappear and slip away to the suburbs.

I highly reccomend reading the Back Page article by Gary Armstrong. He lays things out pretty succinctly. Its not about baseball, its about economic development, city pride and tradition. If we lose the stadium to Chesterfield or Hanover, it will be one less reason to come to Richmond. Most folks already don't need a reason.

Maybe Don Harrison can put it to music and make it all worthwhile.

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Scott said...

Maybe we can lease the Diamond to the VaPAF and Broad Street CDA as an outdoor opera house/parking lot since they are doing such a stellar job of managing the citizens' taxpayer money.

Paul Hammond said...

Thanks Scott, your constructive suggestions are always welcome. Its probably best that we attempt nothing in this town because someone is going to screw it up.

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