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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Save Richmond - Click Here

Go West?

Save Richmond and RCR, the big kahunas of the local blogosphere are offering one (OK maybe 2 or 3) click service for endorsing their campaign to replace George Braxton with Keith West as School Board chairman. There's a fully written letter for you to copy and paste to express your (their) views. If you wish to save time you can skip the 1700 word rant and go straight to fully typed letter of your choice. Conveniently they have provided two letters, a pro and a con. The "con" allows you to express your support for the current leadership and " stories of tax dollars wasted, full public audits avoided, ADA compliance ignored and, especially, the less than honest truth-telling ... dysfunctional, evasive, wasteful status quo out of some petulant need to continue with business as usual"

This is online democracy at its best. Click here if you agree with us or click there if you are a complete idiot. Another Moment of Civic Brilliance brought to you by Save Richmond.

There is a glimmer of hope. Don closes with:

"Oh, and by the way: I’m about to move/have moved my family to Henrico County. Good luck"

Perhaps now you will be able to Save Henrico. Good luck with that.



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Don Harrison said...

Apparently, Mr. "Lost Art of the City," you are both completely satisfied with the performance of the Richmond School Board AND you are incapable of recognizing sarcasm when you read it.

It truly is a "Lost art" to defend something that has failed the city so miserably — and yet give no examples or reasons for why you are defending it.

So I look forward to your forthcoming blog entry defending the recent actions and performance record of the Richmond School Board and RPS. I hope that this highly-awaited essay will contain the kind of exhaustive links to documents, news reports and information that one can expect when "complete idiots" on the other side make their case.

When can we expect that blog entry? Hopefully you can have it ready before Monday night. Good luck with that.

Paul Hammond said...

Apparently, "Mr. Save Richmond" you missed the point of my post. I neither spoke in favor or against the current school board. Perhaps you should reread instead of reading into.

As for sarcasm I believe it is "an insincere statement meant to mock or sneer at a person, situation or thing". You might notice some if you look closely.

I'm glad you look forward to future blog entries. Perhaps you will become a regular reader.


Mr. Lost Art of the City

Preston M. Yancy said...

First, I do not know if Mr. West would make a better Chair than Mr. Braxton. Only the members of the School Board know.
But I do know that Braxton has not had the opportunity to function in a normal atmospere due to Mayor L. Douglas Wilder's asinine, contemp-tible, despicable, reprehensi-ble "WAR" on the Richmond Public Schools (RPS).
Jon Baliles and Don Harrison are apologists for and rationalizes of Wilder's destructive, irrational and negative actions. Some people cannot admit mistakes. And Wilder was a MAJOR mistake!
In his article in the November issue of RICHMOND MAGAZINE, Bill Farrer--Wilder's former press secretary--reports on what happen-ed at a meeting attended by Farrer, Wilder, former School Board Chair Steve Johnson and former School Board Vice Chair Reginald Malone.
Farrer says Wilder yelled and cursed at Johnson and Malone and said he did not care if RPS went to the sidewalk.
And Farrer says Wilder told them HE WAS DECLARING WAR ON RPS!
Some have dismissed Farrer's article as sour grapes; because, Wilder fired Farrer. But: 1. No one has questioned Farrer's integrity; 2. none of the parties involved has denied Farrer's account of the meeting and 3. this is consistent with Doug Wilder's subsequent brehavior.
According to Baliles, Braxton com-
pared the RPS/Wilder clash to the World War II Battle of Britain with the RPS as Britain and Winston Churchhill and Wilder as Nazi Germany. I would like to see what Braxton said in full context, but, if this is what he said, it works for me.
I think, had Wilder lived in Ger-many in the 1930s, he would have been a key player in the Gestapo! As I have written before the effort to evict RPS from City Hall-"fiasco Friday"--was a barbaric, despicable, Gestapo like atrocity.
Instead of advancing positive ac-
tion to deal with RPS' problems, Mr. Wilder declared war on RPS.
I do not know Jon Baliles. He writes well; he seems sincere, and he makes a lot of sense most of the time. But he, and others, persist with an argument that can only candidly and objectively be seen as dumb, ignorant, and stupid!
They argue that RPS should have obeyed Doug Wilder's decree that it get out of City Hall.
RICHMOND CITY COUNCIL IS THE CUSTODIAN OF RICHMOND PROPERTY!!! City Council, belatedly, passed an ordinance saying could stay in City Hall for a while.
Judge Margaret Spencer has supported the Council.
But it is possible that the Vir-ginia Supreme Court will confirm Mr. Wilder's contention that he is an emperor, and Mr. Baliles and Mr.
Harrison will be vindicated.
But I am giving 5 to 1 odds that Judge Spencer's ruling will be upheld.
Preston M. Yancy

Paul Hammond said...

"in his article in the November issue of RICHMOND MAGAZINE, Bill Farrer--Wilder's former press secretary--reports ..."

I read that article. It was very revealing especially in light of the fact that it rang true.

I hate to bet on things I have a vested interest in, but I'm rooting for the judge.

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