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Thursday, February 14, 2008

How many TIMES can you say HYSTERICAL?

Apparently 4 times, 5 if you count the HEADLINE. As Inman said in Cold Mountain, "Repeatin a thing, doesn't improve it." Neither does CAPITALIZIN' it.

I know I want a strip club in my neighborhood, don't you? Maybe everyone could have one, kind of like a 7-11. Currently without their own strip clubs are the Museum District, Oregon Hill, Church Hill, Jackson Ward, Carver, the Broad Street Corridor, VCU, MCV, and the Convention Center. I've got a roll of dollar bills just waiting for this. I can't wait to have our very own Hummer.

Go to
Save Richmond and COUNT for yourself.

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Bookstore Piet said...

I'm just looking forward to this conversation with my 3 year old....

"No, we are going to the children's museum.... not the place with the waving gorilla out front..."

Paul Hammond said...

I sincerely hope that doesn't have to happen. At 251 I qualify as both old and a fogie, but I have managed to keep my youthful looks.

** **