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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

RiverCityRapids goes Legit

Considering the courtesy you have shown me, I'll contain my glee and I'll try to be kind. I would rather it had been Don. I could have had so much more fun. I can hardly believe this is possible. If it weren't for Barack I would be even more thankful. I'll be expending most of my energy on him.

OK, I'm better now. I just received the news. I could only wish to be a fly on your wall. I wouldn't, couldn't trade places with with you for a million bucks. I expect you will be discharging your duties professionally.

Alright, I promise to be nice and I keep my promises. Please, please send me some scoops. I promise not to disclose my sources, even if Condaleeza Rice makes me an offer I can't refuse.

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Bookstore Piet said...

Wanted to say congrats (as the gossip on the block) and say you just need ~225 RVA points to be the #1 blog in RVA! With the 'retirement' of RCR the gap between 1 and 2 should clos quickly... :)

Anonymous said...



Paul Hammond said...

Jason, you could be about 4 people? Any clues?

Paul Hammond said...


I'll trade 1st place for 30 comments any day, though I could never keep up with the traffic. I'd settle for 2 or 3 and an impact on the future of Richmond.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading River City Rapids and am very sad to see it go on hiatus....and in all honestly, I enjoy reading you too, Paul.

But I'll miss RCR more (than being able to still read read LAOTC) because RCR wasn't so "us vs. them."

Yes, Paul, I'm talking about the belligerent tone. Before everyone gets all hot and bothered, I do respect your viewpoint. However, I just don't agree with the up-in-arms manner that undercuts your posts. Of course, your tone could be more irate or inflammatory but I think that anyone who is intelligent enough to read either of your blogs can read between the lines (aka pick up on implied tones).

Yes, RCR has a different viewpoint than LAOTC (which isn't wrong or right), but RCR does have a different way of delivering an opinion (read: not defensive) which I think is not only more believable but more able to respect.

Feel free to post attack replies if you will, but why can't everyone just respect a difference of opinion (or gasp! actually consider where that person is coming from).

Paul Hammond said...

No attack required. Sometimes belligerance is just a tactic to draw comment, sometimes it is heartfelt. It should never be personal.

I am not hot and bothered and appreciate your comment, truely. Considered replies such as yours are always welcome.

Jason Kenney said...

I believe there are three Jasons of note in the RVA Blogging circle:

- Jason Kenney of J's Notes (clearly the awesomest)

- Jason Guard of Caramelized OpiNIONS

- Jason Roop of Style Weekly

Paul Hammond said...

Based on the clues you gave me, my keen intelligence and the fact that there were less than 800 words, I'm guess that the real Jason is....

Awe, I give up. Go ahead and tell me.

Preston M. Yancy said...

Don Harrison praised this appointment--on SAVE RICHMOND--in spite of the fact that Mr. Wilder's PR operation was already bloated. He is still smarting from my calling him and Baliles apologists for Wilder here and on my blog. And--of course--he took another shot at the Richmond Public Schools.
While the RPS has major problems, the Wilder administration has just as many as pointed out in the front page story in today's (Sun.) RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH on administrative costs of city government.
Mr. Wilder's "war" on the RPS is a con artist's distraction. Now one of the con artist's suckers will be paid to do what he has been doing for free.
Preston M. Yancy

Paul Hammond said...

Thanks Preston. I could never quite figure out the symbiotic relationship between RCR and Save Richmond. Sometimes it seemed like a tag team. Jon had the grace not to react angrily to criticism and I never quite had the time to get a feel for his work. Moving into politics is a natural step for him. I suspect we will be hearing more from him.

I'm surprised there is anybody left who wants to work for LDW. He has the wonderful gift, shared by our President, of being completely oblivious to criticism.

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