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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Style Quotes You'll Never In Mayor Wilder's Next Newsletter

Mayor Wilder's habit of selectively quoting from unamed, but recognizable sources will probably not include the following items from this week's Street Talk in Style.

What Partnership? It’s Me, Wilder:
It’s a well-worn page from Mayor L. Douglas Wilder’s playbook: Pat your enemy on the back with one hand while stabbing him in the kidney with the other

Wilder Magic: Money From Empty Accounts?
(Acting CAO Harry) Black was not authorized to sign the lease agreement for the city (for 3600 Broad St.) never sought City Council approval, and attempted to sidestep his lack of authorization by signing a lease for one day less than a year.

Wilder Suits Get Pricey

Mounting outside legal fees related to the handful of lawsuits filed by Richmond City Council and the Richmond School Board against Mayor L. Douglas Wilder are officially within spitting distance of the million-dollar mark.
I take that back, you might see this one, but don't expect it to be attributed.

I thought this was about his clothing budget. I really should read these things before commenting on them.

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