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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Love Potion Number 9

New York Governor Elliot Spitzer is "client #9" on a Federal investigation of prostitution. According to the the New Hour with Jim Lehrer. The governors account with the "escort" service ran over $80,000.

The interesting questions are:

  • Who were clients 1 through 8?
  • Does this outrank
  1. Global Warming?
  2. Darfur?
  3. Iraq?
  4. Bosnia?
  5. The Death of Traditional Media?
  6. Human Rights In China?
  7. Human Rights In the USA?

Gotta go now, Bill Murray is opening for Eric Clapton.

Don't you hate Pledge Week?

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Anonymous said...


Paul Hammond said...

I freely admit, spelling does count, especially online. Thank you, anonymous, whoever you are.

jewellybug said...

darful was arful. ;-(
another news article on the MSN start page this morning, says the so-called experts are doubting the 200,000 number of ppl who've died in Darfur. some say maybe twice or 3x as many, others much lesss. maybe they are BUI also, dunno. do u?

jewellybug said...

actually ain't the Congo worse by body count? jus' askin' .

** **