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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Was Your Grandma a Typical White Person?

Typical White Grandparents

. . . . . . . . . . .

As a protected minority I feel someone owes me something. Age and medical chance have put the Federal Government on my side. I expect some compensation. A simple apology will do.

I know many other typical white people, none of whom are Richmond bloggers who are all uniquely individual, thoughtful people, some of whom have already apologized for their typical white relations.

I can tell you this much though, the Paul Hammond demographic is quite upset.

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Bill Garnett said...

Rather than playing this 24/7 parsing game, would it not be better to use this opportunity to have an adult discussion about the real failure to achieve social integration, decades after legal integration was achieved?

Real communication is a function of intent, and can you in all honesty not catch the overarching intent in Obama’s message? And the failure to do that suggests far deeper and darker aspects of humanity than just any cursory and pejorative knee jerk reaction to phrases out of context.

Paul Hammond said...

Obama is a brilliant a mesmerizing speaker who makes anything he says seem reasonable and prudent, but he deftly avoids dealing with serious issues in the black community and his own background, which is hardly black, by making us all equal opportunity bigots. He offhanded denigrates those of us that have moved on and don't view people as a race, but as an individuals of extraordinary, but different backgounds, as each of us are, regardless of race. I hope I am no more typical of my race than you or Obama is.

This was not just a statement about Obama, but the pathetic state of racial and ethnic dialog. Everyone is waiting for an apology and special consideration. There is a time when we have to move on and seek our own highest best purpose and stop blaming others for our failures.

Anonymous said...
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Paul Hammond said...


'splain and sign your post please.



Bill Garnett said...

In the specific matter of the 24/7 news cycle selectively using bites from Jeremiah Wright’s sermons to arguably just fill a slow news day or to whip up ratings, I become increasingly concerned about how propaganda can influence mass perception.

In the midst of the controversy over the Jeremiah Wright excepts run incessantly on TV, a friend has forwarded these videos of the Wright sermons. I ask you to view them and see for yourself the context in which they were made. We live in a media driven world, but responsibility for a fair appraisal of issues of this import lies with ourselves, or we will be herded like sheep rather than controlling our own destiny as I feel was envisioned in the phase “We the People”.



Bill Garnett said...

I noticed that you deleted an anonymous comment above. That is certainly your right and I discourage anonymous postings to my blog as well.

However, on my blog I identify myself. I do not broadcast my commentary from behind a cloak of secrecy. I stand in the light (as did Patrick Henry in much more threatening times) and anyone can know who I am – I’m listed in the phone book. Not just anonymous posters trouble me but anonymous bloggers trouble me even more.

Certainly it is your right to remain anonymous. And it is seen as prudent in 2008 by many to put more and more layers of insulation between themselves and the world at large. However, where is this trend to lead – to virtual people who live publicly insulated lives? I hope not, and I challenge you to consider what message anonymous blogging sends to the community.

Paul Hammond said...

"responsibility for a fair appraisal of issues of this import lies with ourselves, or we will be herded like sheep"

In no way do I disagree with this statement. We just appraise the issues differently. I've been a civil rights advocate longer than I am willing to admit. I've met one or two of the legends. I am not the only one who is sickened by what passes for civil rights leadership these days. They eat their own and trample anyone who gets in their way.

I believe in hope, change and almost everything Barack Obama speaks about. I just don't think he is the one qualified to deliver it. I don't dislike him personally. Heck he even petted my dog and charmed my wife (something I failed at).

Paul Hammond said...

"Certainly it is your right to remain anonymous"

I hardly consider myself anonymous. I recently abbreviated my last name for professional convenience. Most people already know me and I usually comment elsewhere under my full name.

For more information Google "Paul Hammond's Stupid Blog". It's a very popular search term.

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