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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Buttermilk and BS

Buttermilk does a good job handicapping the candidates and responding to the comments.

Here's my response to the commentary.

  • Goldman's press releases contain some real policy announcements - sb

    I think we can look forward to an endless series of press releases from Paul Goldman.

  • The impending SECOND round of lawsuits over ADA noncompliance? - sb

    RPS has started implementing ADA changes which in turn will require new tax revenue which in turn requires new taxable property and developments which you strongly oppose.

  • I hope most will vote for the candidate they think has the most relevant experience and who has demonstrated the ability to lead a city government. - ts

    So do I, regardless of who wins.

  • Bill Pantele is a wolf in sheep's clothing. I've been to too many city/neighborhood meetings where Blowhard Bill got up a went on his usual vague rants all the while with a smirk on his face. - Parker

    Personal attacks without substance. This is very typical in the Richmond blogosphere.

  • goldman is the only change/reform candidate. all of the others are bullshit status quo. - Bill

    We've just had 4 years of "change/reform" at the behest of Paul Goldman. Can someone point me to one accomplishment of PG that is not connected to LDW?

  • Pantele is the biggest smoke blower there is!
    it's always the same old feel good crap
    an underachieving grandstander from a ring-knocker "college"
    lawyers that don't/can't/won't practice couldn't cut it intellectually or are just too lazy
    - w&m alum

    Personal attacks without substance

  • Fortune favors the bold, that which Pantele is not. - w&m alum

    Putting yourself out to be publicly attacked in the press, in private, and online takes a certain amount of balls which you don't seem to have.

  • What exactly has Council done under Pantele - TR

    Reducing property tax rates over the past several years.
    Hiring a top notch City Auditor to expose waste in both the RPS and the City Administration.
    Standing up to the illegal tactics of Doug Wilder.
    Conducting Council Business in a manner that respects the law and the public.
    Working WITH the RPS instead of steamrolling it.
    Working with and listening to ALL sides.

  • we don't suffer glad-handing fools and superficial politicians as much as we did - john

    I wish that were true. I have a feeling it isn't.

  • Robert Grey Jr IMO is the fresh new face we need in Richmond - JF

  • It's hard to have an opinion on someone with no experience in local politics. He seems to have a good resume, but can he get things done?

  • Jones and Sen. Marsh will come out swinging and use everything that they can to suggest that Grey isn't "black" enough, - Anon

  • One of the things I like about Bill Pantele is he appeals across racial lines. There were black, white, young, old, rich and poor(me) at his announcement party.

  • the candidacy of Barack Obama, I won't be shocked to see the highest turnout in a general election in decades - john

  • I agree. For good or evil the turnout will be high. All the more reason to have a serious and informed debate.

p.s. The title of this post is not a reflection on Buttermilk and Molasses.

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Anonymous said...

Gee, Paul - how much of a homer can you be? The comment left about March/Jones/Grey somehow elicits a response from you to plug Pantele even though he is not even mentioned.

Paul Hammond said...

Marsh and Jones was a comment about the race factor in the election. If you can work with all sides you have a better chance at not only being elected, but accomplishing something.

The Grey comment is what it is. I haven't heard word one from him. He is accomplished and respected and may be Mayor. I'm neither for or against him, since I have nothing to base it on.

Anonymous said...

I base my opinion on Grey from his time with RRPDC and his focus on regional cooperation. Just check the minutes from the RRPDC meetings to find where he stands.

Paul Hammond said...


For the rest of us, could you translate RRPDC and post a link?

Scott said...

"RPS has started implementing ADA changes which in turn will require new tax revenue which in turn requires new taxable property and developments which you strongly oppose."

If that's the case, then why isn't RPS receiving more tax money now from the returns on the $1 billion already invested in downtown? Answer: Because for the most part there are not any returns on it. And any new tax money from "public investment" downtown is staying downtown for more "public investment". A perfect example of this is the increased meals tax.

There is a moral problem with putting downtown corporate welfare schemes before RPS ADA, but I don't see you or the mayoral candidates recognizing it.

Paul Hammond said...

$1 billion already invested in downtown ... there are not any returns on it

except for the dozens of new business and thousands of new residents with more coming online all the time. All this with the inept administration that is running city government. Just think where we would be if we had a mayor who was more interested in the welfare of the city than his own perqs and power.

Most neighborhoods close to downtown are undergoing dramatic revival. I am sure you see it in your neighborhood. People want to move here because it is close to their jobs. They want museums and cultural activities. We have so far to go, but we have turned a corner. I want to keep the momentum going forward.

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