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Friday, April 24, 2009

Neither Have They Twittered, Nor Do They Tweet

Most of these folks have never sent an email, googled or even used a computer. Some never watched a TV, listened to a radio or talked on a phone. For many, the fastest form of transportation was a horse or a boat and for most of history, travel by foot was the way most people got anywhere.

Jesus Christ,
Fanny Brice

Wolfgang Mozart

Humphrey Bogart

Genghis Khan and

H. G. Wells

Ho Chi Minh,

Gunga Din

Henry Luce,

John Wilkes Booth

Alexanders King and

Graham Bell

Ramar Krishna,

Mama Whistler

Patrice Lumumba and

Russ Colombo

Karl and Chico Marx

Albert Camus,

E. A. Poe,

Henri Rousseau

Sholom Aleichem and

Caryl Chessman

Alan Freed and

Buster Keaton

And each one there

Has one thing shared

They have sweated

beneath the same sun

Looked up in wonder

at the same moon

And wept when it was all done
For bein' done too soon ...

For bein' done too soon ...

For bein' done too soon.

Done Too Soon c. 1971

Words and Music by Neil Diamond

Tap Root Music

An uncouth social food blogger, teacher and activist once stated that at his school they tried to comb out all the technically challenged teachers, no matter what other teaching qualities they might have like knowledge, passion for learning, personal character, you name it. Technology trumped all. If you couldn't surf, you couldn't cut it.

When the next generation decides it is wiser or better than the last, they should stop and think about the fact that most of the good ideas are already taken and that if they come up with any, it is because a generation or two or three before them has passed down the wisdom and folly of history and given them a chance move a step farther. You not only stand on the shoulders of giants, but on heroes great and small whose names you will never know.

Go figure.

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Shennen Dean said...

I have thought these thoughts as well and have decided that though we often stand on the shoulders of giants, sometimes we must slay these giants to make room for new thoughts. Imagine a traditionalist world where new modes of thinking are rejected. Man on the moon, genetic engineering, post-structuralism, and Ben and Jerry's are just a few things that Genghis Khan would probably have never imagined.

Paul Hammond said...

we must slay these giants to make room for new thoughts...things that Genghis Khan would probably have never imaginedThese are just song lyrics. How about Martin Luther King, Mohandas Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jeffereson, or mayby Walt Disney, Mark Twain, Homer... it's a very long list.

** **