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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Urbane Renewal 4 - Vistas

More accurately Vistas on the James. This was the last stop on my tour. I skipped Emrick Flats, since I saw it last year and Riverside on the James, which I wish I had seen, but I think would have been overkill after the highlight of the trip which was this 15th floor conversion of 2 units into one, giving a 270 degree view of the James River, Downtown and Shockoe Bottom. I could get used to hanging out here. These people throw some mean parties and I could drink in these views all night. Just enjoy the slide show. I'm all out of commentary. All these were taken from a single residence.

Pardon the absence of interior shots, my Kodak just wasn't up to the task. Next time I'll borrow someone else's camera.

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mark b said...

Nice series, Paul. Thanks for doing this.

** **