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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Who is Richmond's Next Hero?

I never understood why our Avenue of Heroes and Ghosts has so few monuments. Did we run out of heroes or money? I think we just ran out of imagination

Who should be the next statue on Monument Avenue?

Here's my short list.

  • Ralph White
  • - Hero of the James River Park System
  • Oliver Hill
  • - I believe he already has one at the capitol.
  • Maggie Walker
  • - Female, black and deserving.
  • Doug Wilder
  • -
    • First African American Governor

    • First elected mayor of Richmond in 50 years

    • Co-author of Richmond's new city charter

I am looking for suggestions, serious and otherwise. The only requirement is that they be a Richmond related person, place or institution. I'll select my favorites to create a poll.

Don't ask me why, but I'm pulling for Wilder. Go figure.

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mark b said...

Frank Sprague. Or Giles Jackson. And... Elizabeth Van Lew.

Paul Hammond said...

Intersting list, that would be Giles B Jackson vs Charles A.

I kind of like the Trolley car guy.Gabriel Prosser could make a good candidate, but I'm thinking a little more 20th Century.

Hou about Eugene Trani, the creator of the modern VCU?

FanGuy said...

Clearly "Negative Nancy" deserves a statue. She has had the most impact on Richmond of anyone in recent history.

After we erect her statue, we can devote one to the "Anonymous CAVErs", to celebrate those Richmond Citizens Against Virtually Everything. They will need a memorial anyway, as their period of influence is drawing to an end.

Paul Hammond said...

Negative Nancy?

I don't know about CAVErs, but I was thinking of suggesting Save Richmond.


Paul Hammond said...

Please note
Trolley Car Guy and Gabriel Prosser are two different people.

Al said...

I would love to see the monument to civil war nurse Sally Tompkins designed by Salvdor Dali earn its rightful place on Monument Ave. ( http://anaba.blogspot.com/2006/12/salvador-dalis-monument-avenue-statue.html)

A monument to Helen Marie Taylor would be appropriate and dramatic.

Spottswood Robinson would be good as well

Brian Sterowski said...

I think a giant statue of Gene Cox would be appropriate

mark b said...

Yes, that Giles Jackson. Gabriel Prosser would be great, too.

I'm still pushing Van Lew cuz spygirls are cool, but Sally Tompkins would be neat too. I like Dali's proposal but that finger freaks me out.

Paul, don't monuments to the still living seem a tad gauche?

Brian, I'll vote for Cox, but only if he's thrusting a donut high overhead and if it's patterned after Army Of Darkness, with Gene as Ash. http://tinyurl.com/cyp33a

And who's Negative Nancy, fanguy?

Paul Hammond said...

"monuments to the ... living seem ... gauche"

They used to be popular in Iraq and are still trendy in North Korea, but yes they do. I'm liking the idea of a Gabriel Prosser statue more and more. Either that or Maggie L. Walker, whom I admire greatly.

mark b said...

I'm really warmed up to Gabriel Prosser now, too. A little rebellion goes a long way. And Maggie Walker? Way overdue.

Paul Hammond said...

Thanks for the great suggestions. I think it's time to put a woman on the avenue and I smell a new post on the subject coming soon.

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