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Sunday, May 03, 2009

10 Things to Make Baseball Better

  1. Real grass - Always.

  2. Play outdoors - Always.

  3. Cut salaries by 20%

  4. Cut ticket prices 20%

  5. Serve better food - No day old hotdogs and stale popcorn.

  6. Start using nicknames again for player and teams, i.e. The Bronx Bombers, The Gashouse Gang.

  7. Cater to markets of all sizes, small towns to big cities.

  8. Build neighborhood stadiums in cities.

  9. Shockoe Bottom
  10. Cut holes in outfield fences so kids can peek in.

  11. Build asymetrical stadium with short fences and wierd bounces.

The Top 10 Reasons Why Baseball Rules

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Scott said...

If you want to improve baseball, than stop it from taking and encouraging corporate welfare. Stadium construction should not done with public tax dollars.


Paul Hammond said...

The opposition seems focused on the Shockoe Bottom location. F.T Rea and others would like to get regional governments, including Richmond, to invest in a refurbish diamand.

What are your thoughts on that?

Scott said...

I think if there is baseball in Richmond, it would be most cost effective to use the existing facility and upgrade it.

I still don't think public money should be used, no matter where it goes.

Paul Hammond said...

I don't think you want it in Shockoe Bottom under any circumstances, do you?

"Many ... agree that Richmond deserves a world class sports stadium within its urban footprint"... ,(but) environmentalists question the concept of plunking a massive structure in the middle of several sensitive, historic neighborhoods, a growing transportation center, and the topography of the Shockoe Valley, creek, and floodplain.Sierra Club paper left in a comment by you.

I'm glad you agree Richmond deserves a world class stadium. I hope you help us make that happen.

Scott said...

No, Paul, I don't think the Shockoe stadium proposal makes sense at all.

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