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Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Best Medicine

Laughter, of course. Norman Cousins believed it, old housewives believed it and so do I.

There are various stages of laughter, like laughter shared in the office. You are only supposed to have a certain amount of fun at the office. Any more and you draw suspicion. As a result you can only be so funny, then you need to call it off. Now I've worked at places where we laughed ourselves silly, but that was before I entered the staid corporate world. Laughter and fun are discouraged, but people being people, do it anyway. I shall miss my office friends, even the ones who made my life miserable. I laughed at them too.

Then there is the laughter outside the office where there are no limits, except for physical endurance. Laughter takes abs and core strength. I have found it possible to wrench a disk or get physically ill after an evening of sillyness. Alcohol is not required for this, but can get the juices rolling. Having had a bit of practice lately I've been getting better about this laughter thing. Like sneezing, you just have to let loose. If you hold it in you will hurt yourself. Rolling on the floor is acceptable among friends. I can't tell a joke, but I can tell a story and there is nothing funnier than a good story. My friend Teal, can tell the funniest stories I ever heard and never runs out of them. His whole life is a funny story and I am going to serialize it and make a bundle on a cable reality show. All I need is some video equipment, a computer and some editing software an I'm good to go. I just hope money doesn't change me too much other than making me rich.

Teal will be appearing on another website managed by me. It's an acquired taste and may require adult supervision, but I think it has the potential to heal a lot of people. As I like to say, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" or as Teal likes to put it, "I take chicken shit and turn it into chicken salad."

To read some of Teal's recent exploits, click here. Read from the bottom up.

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Matt Smith said...

You were going great until Teal's comment on chicken salad. I agree heartily - that a life without laughter is powerfully sad.

Paul Hammond said...

Hey, I don't make the news, I just report it.

** **