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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Earth - The Movie

I always knew this would make a good story and the movie makes the real thing look pretty darn good. While life and death get equal billing, hope is the ultimate star of the show. James Earl Jones comes along for the ride, so you know it's going to be OK. The movie is kid friendly and while heartbreakingly beautiful, it won't break your heart.

There is one jawdropping scene after another and it is hard to pick out a favorite. The best for me were the ultra slow motion sequences of Great White Sharks flying out of the Atlantic, the last fully frozen in mid air like a trout on a hook. It's hard to imagine the combination of power, grace and violence. That amounts to 90 seconds of a 90 minute film. There are some awe inspiring chase sequences of predators and prey in a mesmerizing dance of survival. This movie defies description. It is full of wonder and beauty from start to finish and only scratches the surface of life on Earth. This will be one of my few DVD purchases this year and no one is going to borrow it. You can come over and watch it with me any time, just make sure to bring enough popcorn to share. Any Friday or Saturday night will do, just call first.

Watch the trailer here.

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