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Thursday, May 28, 2009

First Friday Threatened - What You Can Do

Due to a downturn in the economy, a cutback in corporate sponsoring and a possible crackdown by the CAPS patrol, First Friday is in danger of withering away. No need to editorialize here. It is plain and simple, First Friday needs our support. Here is what I suggest.

  1. Write the Mayor expressing your support for First Friday. Be constructive and positive. Your voice will be more likely to be heard.

    Talking Points:

    1. It brings thousands downtown every month.

    2. It fights blight. Many new busineses and galleries have come to the area.

    3. Jackson Ward is undergoing a revival with many new residents, condos and renovations.

    4. Christina Newton is a Richmond hero and deserves support from the City.

    5. Invite the Mayor to come down and see First Friday for himself.

    6. The CAPS patrol must be flexible with small businesses.

    7. Crackdowns should be reserved for serious violaters and public nuscances.

  2. Write your Councilman - Same talking points.

  3. Write local media outlets, TV, Radio and Newspapers.

  4. Come to First Friday and show your support.

  5. Write Christina Newton and give her an "Atta Girl".
    She deserves all the thanks she can get.

  6. Volunteer or contribute. Ask for a corporate donation from your place of work.
    Every little bit helps.

  7. Speak the word of First Friday, bring family and friend.

  8. Dine before or after at the dozens of nearby restaurants and tell them you came for First Friday.

  9. Sign up for the free newsletter at http://www.firstfridaysrichmond.com/

Let's make this a win, win for Richmond

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