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Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's Been a Great Day In the City

Not that I have seen that much of it. Today is shopping day which mean Henrico County, Big Lots, Tan-A Supermarket and Goodwill. No luck at Goodwill, but I got some real deals at Big Lots and Tan-A is always a hoot. It's interesting to see your food swimming around before you take it home. I did stop at Nick's for some prosciutto and wine. While I was shopping and sleeping, Richmond was busy.
  • Friday Cheers - The Lee Brothers (Did you go?)
  • A Stride Through Time - Ordinary Richmonders braved a trip downtown to walk through three centuries of history in 6.2 miles. I've always believed Richmond needed a great walking event. Maybe doing this in April or October would be a better idea, but that would conflict with two other Richmond events.
  • WoofStock took place on two blocks of Monument Avenue. See All Things Richmond for pics.
  • The Summer Reeactment series has started at St. John's Church and
  • The Richmond History Center is conducting a walking tour of Carytown and the Byrd Theatre. Meet at Nacho Mama’s at 2:00 pm if you want to go.

That's just the stuff on the ATR calendar. It doesn't include the various music venues and restaurants near here. It's a good time to be living downtown, if only I had the time to play more.

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