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Monday, May 18, 2009

The Next Big Thing

The Last Big Things:

  • Apple Computers
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Al Gore
  • The Internet
  • AOL
  • The Walkman
  • Yahoo!
  • Google
  • Al Gore
  • The IPod
  • The IPhone
  • YouTube
  • Twitter

There was some other big stuff, but I wasn't paying attention.

Now just think, if you knew Microsoft was going to be this big back in 1970, wouldn't you have done a little prudent investing? And think about all the money you lost on Segway futures.

Well, I happen to know what the "next big thing" is goin to be. I just invented it. Before drifting into unconciousness I realized I needed to climb out of bed and write this prospectus. In just a minute I'm going to sketch out the details of the next generation in thought processing, but that's as much as I am going to tell you. If you want in on the ground floor, I am opening up this investment opportunity to all comers. Investment in cash is preferred, but I will accept the following items:

  • Laser Color Printer/Copier
  • Photo quality paper and color toner
  • SLR Digital Camera
  • Ultra slim, lightweight laptop computer w 17" monitor
  • Networking Slave
  • 52" Plasma TV
  • Home Theater System capable of leveling Tokyo
  • Desktop PC and Wireless Network
  • Marketing Slave
  • My own personal Segway
  • New or gently used furniture.
  • High end kitchen accessories
Early investors will recieve the most consideration. Checks, money orders and direct wires transfers will also be accepted.

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