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Monday, May 11, 2009

Save Richmond Influences Friends and Bores Everyone Else

The question now needs to be asked, is anybody listening? His latest masterpiece is 1,400 words of incomprehensible ranting, starting with "Dear Mayor Jones, Congratulations" and ending with "Sincerely and respectfully yours". In between lies a screed of recycled SR whipping boys like the party patrol, Rudy McCollum(Rudy McCollum?), City Council, et al. There are more hyperlinks in this story than ideas, though he only cites himself as a reference 6 times, while citing the Times Dispatch 17 times. He also cites virtually every blog ever listed on RVA Blogs including Jack Goes Forth and Adventures in Kellyland.

Alcohol would be an excuse and a public apology may be in the works as I write, but that would be out of character. Did he actually ask the Mayor about his balls eight times, once in Spanish, then adding "with all due respect"? Don's obviously given up on influencing people and just plays to friend. Only the most diehard SR fan could wade his way through this and take it seriously.

When Don starts talking himself in the 1st and 3rd person plural there is real cause for concern. Don's problem is that he has run out of ideas. He takes pot shots in all directions and hope she hits something. Somebody should tell him his gun is not loaded.

Oh, one more question. Does he actually talk this way in person?

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Anonymous said...

So you think Jones is doing a great job then, huh?

Paul Hammond said...

He's been in office 120 days. At his point I am mostly grateful he is not Doug Wilder. Richmond needs to recover from that trauma of the last four years and Dwight Jones might be the guy for the job.

I think he deserves a chance, like Obama. Don condemns anyone who doesn't see things his way and does it in a very rude way. I guess he's not expecting to be appointed to the arts council again this year.

Anonymous said...

If Wilder was trauma then Jones so far has been the cure for insomnia.

He does deserve a chance but I have not seen a thing worth getting excited about.

And as a reader of Richmond blogs, Don was just as critical as you are of Wilder, if not more so.

It seems to me that he is still critical but you are willing to give way to inaction.

What gives?

Paul Hammond said...

I like the mayor. I will criticize him when it suits me. I'm not in a pissing contest with Don Harrison. I wouldn't stand a chance.

Unknown said...

Though this letter reads like something scratched on a locker room wall, it does raise some valid points. The time for Jones to support Flynn and stand against Echo Harbor is now. Don's budget concerns are pretty spot-on as well. It is time for the executive branch of our city to keep the city council in check. I agree with Don's concerns, but I do not agree with Don's Wilderesque methods of flailing around loudly and calling for testicular growth several times? No. However, this letter does seem to be circulating around some of the social networking communities online which raises a little more awareness about actions (or inaction) made by our city's elected officials.

Paul Hammond said...

Don has his fan club. I just happen not to be a member.

Unknown said...

Such a thorough, compelling and erudite rebuttal! Surely your blog contains at least a single counter-point or dissection?

No? Not a one? Not a single comment on the points raised, or questions asked? Startling!

"Don has his fan club. I just happen not to be a member."

There's a difference between not being a fan, and being a (literally) pointless hater.

Paul Hammond said...

If this had been a rebuttal, no doubt it would have been erudite, in not compelling. Don's throws mud at the wall and connects his own dots, I wouldn't no where to begin. If Don wants to write something less loquacious and more coherent, I will respond. Otherwise I'm just playing in Don's mud puddle.

What makes you think I hate Don? I just don't like him.

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