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Friday, May 01, 2009

There is a Disturbance in the Force

I've been trying to be the kinder, gentler Paul. I get strokes for it. Even Don Harrison said something nice in my comments section, but there was a Disturbance in the Force and I was being tempted by the dark side. You'd think it was some kind of obsession, but I just can't stand it when someone gets their jollies from trashing my city.

I will give him his due, he can put together a sentence or two and he's got potential. Style has an unhealthy infatuation with him. Jason says I'm wrong, but we agree on at least three Back Pages this past year. I say more, but twice in three months is definitely accurate. I also did some more checking and I've only gone on one Don Harrison rant in the past 10 months. I need to vent. Dark age physicians knew that a little bloodletting was good for the soul. I'm not sure about whose blood.

I've already invoked the wrath of one Richmond icon who felt the need to spew, but then he needed the material, so I was glad to help out. One thing needs to be made clear, Don Harrison does not speak for Richmond and when he does, you will never hear a dissenting voice, at least on Save Richmond. So I have to waste my valuable real estate to offset his negativity. I'm willing to make that sacrifice, up to the point of reprinting his reprints. What's odd is that while Don is (apparently) having less and less fun, I am having the time of my life.

This time Don is just sleep walking. Go read Save Richmond's latest and greatest, "The City That Fun Forgot, and inform me if there is any substance in it. It's like a stale white bread, all puff and no stuff. If I could make a living scraping from the comment gallery, Shockoe Bottom Dweller would be a famous man (gender assumed).

OK, maybe now I can get back to talking about baseball.

Richmond, VA 23219

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Jocelyn Plums said...

Save Richmond's post is perfectly relevant. It reminds us that the city still has a counterproductive attitude. The reposted comments reveal that the young people of Richmond still know better. They're the ones who deserve the credit for revializing downtown, and they're doing it on a dime.

I think the members of Richmond's art and music scene should be receiving grants, but unfortunately they're being shaken down for chump change instead.

Paul Hammond said...

Jocelyn, last time I checked you were having a pretty good time too.

mark b said...

Aww, Don's a grain of sand. Granted, too many and you kill the oyster. Try this link to Jane Jacobs. She was talking about 1969 Toronto, but I swear she's channeling Richmond, Louisville, Jackson Poughkeepsie and any smallish city west of Bangor, Maine. Jocelyn's got a point and it's not just on her head.

Paul Hammond said...

This was more a mental health exercise than anything else. It's best to let the poisons out.

Don said...

I'm not only a grain of sand, I hold infinity in the palm of my hand.

Paul Hammond said...

Great line.

to hold infinity
in the palm
of your hands
With such great power, comes great responsibility.

** **