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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


No Signal. That is all that wanders around the blue screen on my hi def TV. I can watch it for a little while, but after a bit my mind wanders and so do I. Comcast finally came through on their threat to turn off the cable simply because I cancelled it. I had some hope they would just forget and let me slide. As you probably know, free cable is one of life's little joys. Come to think of it, I've always enjoyed getting something for nothing and never subscribed to the philosophy that there are no free lunches. Anyone familiar with the acronym FFTB, which means either Fortune Favors the Bold, which is not the topic of this post, or Free Food Tastes Better, knows what I mean.

I first heard this phrase from Carolyn Arends, an exceptionally talented singer songwriter from Canada. What's up with those Canadians, Joni Mitchell, Anne Murray, Gordon Lightfoot, Niel Young... Maybe it's all that clean air and clean water. Carolyn seized my day about 15 years ago when a wayward co-worker at the Tribune lent me her album, "I Can Hear You", another one of those stunning debut albums. She mixed rock, appalachian and folk must together into something wonderful. You can look right past the fact that her music is a statement of her Chistian faith. To me is is a statement of true faith. I've come full circle. Carolyn's real theme is the original meaning of FFTB. Anyone who can sing her songs of of any old stage, truely knows the meaning of carpe diem.

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