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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A Milestone in Life

Of the many items on my bucket list, perhaps the most important one was to organize my CD collection, most of which consists of downloaded MP3s from Napster days. I have 145 Springsteen Concerts including ever tour stop from 2001. Each one is unique, except for the crowd noise, which sound very similar. I also discovered I have 50 commercially bought CDs that I cannot locate. There is nothing worse than opening a favorite CD case only to discover it empty. The word "doh!" gets said a lot around here. I also cleaned out 50 CDs that I plan on donating to the Richmond Public Library in the "Great Online CD/DVD/Video Drive". More about that later. The RPL will inherit the following classics:
  • My entire Estaban collection
  • An extensive collection of Christmas CDs
  • A boxed set of the Sounds of Nature including
    Mountain Stream
    A Day at the Beach (I may have to keep that one.)
    A Walk in the Forest
    Sounds of the Subway
  • Molten Mike - The Movie
Next on my bucket list:
  • Restring my guitar.
  • Learn to play the guitar.

  • Paint my apartment.

  • Cleaning the greasy dirt from my ceiling fan
Unemployment offers a rich variety of experiences, including staring out the window and figuring out how to steal cable TV.

p.s. Is anybody interested in a 7 day Tony Robbins seminar on 12 cassette tapes?

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