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Monday, June 08, 2009

Ordinary People - Extraordinary Day


Another good weekend in Richmond as ordinary people enjoyed and extraordinary day. By my count 20,000 Richmonders came to Broad Appetite as over 50 vendors sold food samples for $3 a pop. With each vendor serving 2 - 3 choices of food ranging from the gourmet, Sensi, Lamaire and the two culinary programs at UR and J Sergeant Reynolds, to good chow at Buzz and Neds and Louisiana Flair, there were over 100 food choices for every taste.

While rain canceled Friday Cheers, First Friday goers braved the weather in our monthly celebration of the arts and downtown. My hope is that the Mayor will intervene and rain in the CAPS patrol. Lord knows we have enough nuisance businesses and absentee landlords for them to go after. It is time to have an officially designated arts district on West Broad. We don't want to throw the brakes on this reviving section of downtown.

In between Brown's Island was rocking with Gospel, Soul and R & B with another 10,000 in attendance at the Stone Soul Music and Food Festival.

Is there any doubt that people will come downtown given a good reason to? That ordinary folks from city and suburbs want a downtown to add some excitement to their lives? That families want to bring their kids and show them what a city is actually like? If you still have doubts come down to Theater IV for the next kids show. You will see little girls holding their daddies' hands, excitement painted of their faces. There is still a lot to do to make downtown safer and friendlier. Give the people a chance and they will come.

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This was a good article, looks like a very cool event.

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