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Friday, June 05, 2009

The Story That Just Won't Go Away


All good news here.
From the RTD

The owner of the Eastern League's Connecticut Defenders said yesterday that he has requested permission from Minor League Baseball to explore the Richmond market for the purpose of potentially relocating his franchise.
Lou DiBella was close to selling the Double-A franchise to Richmond Baseball Club LC last month. The local group failed to meet the purchase price of about $15 million by the May 31 deadline.
"Anyone who's paying attention to this whole situation knows that there is a desire on the part of the people of Richmond to have baseball back," DiBella said. "Between the desires of officials in baseball and [Mayor Dwight C. Jones], it appears to me that's going to get done.
"If I'm allowed to be part of it and it works out that I'm able to be part of it, I'd be very, very happy to be involved in that market, because I think it's a market that's an excellent market for baseball."
Minor League Baseball and the Eastern League assured Jones a franchise will be in Richmond next year. Yet to be determined is which of the 12 teams will relocate.
Emphasis mine.

Let's go for the Harrisburg Senators, AA affiliate of the Washington Nats and lets not call them the Senators or the Nats, but the Falcons. Doesn't that sound great? The Richmond Falcons after our very own Perigrine Falcons nesting on Riverfront Towers. These guys have already given us thrills and broken our hearts, what better name for a baseball team.

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