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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Zimbabwe in Better Days

Remember when hope was alive in the streets of Harare. Robert Mugabe had supplanted the white led government of Ian Smith. Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, was perhaps the most lopsided of the southern African colony states. Rhodesia declared itself independent of the British Empire in 1965 and was ruled by a small percentage of white colonists. Unlike South Africa, there was never a large population of whites in Rhodesia. Revolution dwelt just beneath the surface and sanctions and international boycotts brought about the inevitable collapse of white rule. Ian Smith is now just a memory, most whites have been driven out of the country. An 84 year old Robert Mugabe starves his people in the name of revolution and paid thugs rome the streets beating the opposition into submission. Zimbabweans flee to South African and Botswana killing wild game and anything else they can find to survive. The breadbasket of Africa has now become a bread bowl of beggars picking at the garbage dumps.

And where is Trans Africa? Where is the U.N.? Where is international condemnations? Where is the African Union? Where is Nelson Mandela? The truth is no one cares or cares enough. The whites are gone, Africans are in charge and it's time to move on. Some much for liberal compassion. Sorry, but it must be said. If you are not ashamed, then you should be. This is no less a crime than the invasion of Iraq that the left is so eager to prosecute. It is always easier to spot the mote in your neighbor's eye than the log in your own.

I leave you with a better day and a hope of a better tomorrow.

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