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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Library Notes

I stopped at the Main Public Library just now to do some research on Maggie Walker. The search of the online catalog came up with 6 items.
  • Two copies of an audio book on 100 great black women.

  • Two copies of a 25 year old children's biography that cannot be checked out.

  • A collection of clippings from the African American newspaper.
  • A National Park Service video* which I did check out.

I read the first 40 pages of the 100 page large print children's book, which was mostly illustrations and blank pages before I gave up.

This is the state of the Richmond Public Library collection on one of Richmond's most famous and distinguished citizens.

The total collection on Bill "Bojangles" Robinson consisted of one short biography.

When I asked for a pencil and scrap paper I was told there were no pencils do to budget cuts, but they had scrap paper. Someone did find a pencil for me to use. Tomorrow I'm going to go out and buy the library some pencils. My god, pencils.

Do me a favor, stop by your local library and ask them if they need any pencils and be prepared to help.

Richmond Public Library website.

I'm going to have to invent a new label for this post. Somehow I haven't come up with a category to cover this situation.

*The video is 11 minutes long.

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