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Sunday, July 26, 2009

TRTD 8: Home at Last

Back home in my urban cubbyhole and it doesn't seem right. There are no mountains nearby, streams or places I have to go. My vacation has captured my spirit and I want to go back. I am trying to resist this little tug of war with my soul, but it's not easy. I have work to do here, friends and things to accomplish. I have to get excited about it again and I will. eventually.

The problem with Damascus is it is too far away. Someday that will be important, but right now it just keeps me away. A journey across the state provides too many distractions and adds two or three hours to a six hour trip, then the trip back is a joyless race up I81 in a speeding contest with truckers and tourists. I'd sleep through it if I could. The bottom line is two days is just not long enough. Two weeks would be more like it. Enough complaining, I've got the post vacation blues.

There is a lot more to tell about Southwest Virginia and places in between. I'd like my business to take me there more often and maybe it will. If I can put a paycheck to that business I will be all set.

Time to get busy, play and work in Richmond. There's plenty to do, but I will be daydreaming about clear mountain streams, babbling brooks and riding downhill.

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