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Monday, August 24, 2009

Crime in Spates*

Down here we measure robberies in spates. Run of the mill crime like burglaries, car break ins, hit and runs, simple assaults, do not get much mention. I count three spates this year, but I might have missed one.

  • New - Just saw this one on Fan of the Fan
    Assault on Floyd Ave. - August 18th, 2009.
    The Richmond Police Department is reports that a female was assaulted by a known male early Tuesday morning,
  • Robberies prompt VCU warning - August 25, 2009
    Virginia Commonwealth University issued a warning to its students and staff after two robberies occurred in two days near the downtown Richmond school's main academic campus.

    Two male VCU students were robbed at gunpoint by two males Wednesday at 10:15 p.m. while walking along the 800 block of West Cumberland Street near the southern edge of the Monroe Park campus. At 3:05 a.m. Friday, a male gunman robbed two male VCU students and one female student who were sitting in front of a house in the 800 block of West Clay Street near the northern edge of the campus.

    Sophomore Crystolyn Macklin of Henrico County said she takes care walking on campus after evening classes. "I make sure I don't walk through [Monroe Park] or anything like that. I always try to walk with a group of people even if I'm by myself, I'll catch up with them," she said. "I'm always aware."
  • Man sought in robberies near VCU 03/07/09 1:01 AM
    Four street robberies in three hours yesterday around Virginia Commonwealth University’s Monroe Park Campus have police searching for a knife-wielding culprit. The holdups—three of which involved five student victims—are the first spate of robberies to plague the university community since VCU police and Richmond police arrested two suspects a month or more ago, acting VCU Police Chief Carlton Edwards said yesterday.
  • Robberies spike around Fan 02/12/09 12:01 AM
    Richmond police are investigating a series of street robberies of Virginia Commonwealth University students. Authorities have arrested one man and charged him in two of the eight robberies, all of which took place in the Fan District or on its outskirts from Jan. 13 through Sunday, with three of them on Sunday. VCU students were victims in seven of the robberies. Some of the crimes were carried out by a man and woman who stole items such as cell phones, purses and wallets. A gun was displayed in most or all of the cases..

From the comments section:

  • "robberies have been on the rise in that area and the influx of college students are just more targets for those predators in the area….issueing the alert was fine and dandy,but it is almost a little too late
  • "Campuses like VCU which are in dangerous areas should be permitted to add a ‘security fee’ of $50 or $100 per student per semester to hire more guards then."
  • The subject is very serious and has never been carefully addressed by VCU which has a huge emergency siren for gunmen and aliens invading from outer-space but nothing to warn of the twisted bums who resided in Monroe Park or for that matter all throughout the fan alleys and downtown.
  • I went to VCU and got used to hearing about people I knew getting robbed. Since graduating, I moved to Raleigh, and now I realize how violent and scary Richmond is.
  • I have been researching the recent rise in robberies at VCU. I note there was one in October in which another 18 year old was shot while walking with 3 other young men at 8 pm. It’s open season on students in Richmond and something needs to be done
  • why are you in Monroe Park at nearly 1am… that’s not very safety conscious. And the guy out and about at 3:50am… that’s just asking for something to happen to you.
  • Do you really want to live in a City where everyone is afraid to go out at night?
    We can’t let the criminals own the night.

*Note to Sean: I'm not sure if these are damn lies or statistics.

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Sean said...

Gee Paul, they are statistics and you are caught telling damn lies. Last time I checked the Fan and Oregon Hill and Carver are not actually the part of Downtown you were whining about at City Council last month. Where are all the assaults and robberies at 10pm after the theater lets out on Broad St.? You said it was as dangerous as it has ever been on Broad St.

That doesn't mean these crimes listed aren't a serious problem but it does mean your speech at Council was filled with nonsense that you can't seem to back up. I think you kust like to hear yourself talk even if you don't make sense. Provide some statistics that match your speech about the horrible crime on Broad St. in the heart of downtown and then I'll admit I'm wrong. Until then, keep spewing.....I seem to be the only one listening for some reason.

Paul Hammond said...

From where I sit Sean, I can see Oregon Hill, VCU, Monroe Park and the Fan. There is no magical line separating them from downtown. From my front door I see it up close and personal. All I can ask you to do is come down with your family and show them how safe you feel, or better yet move down here.

Watch the tape again. I didn't talk about the "horrible" crime on Broad Street. I talked about personal safety where I live. When you live in the city you have to go with your gut. If it doesn't feel safe, then you should probably go with it. We are about to welcome thousands of new guests downtown. I would like them to feel safe and I would like them to come back. A successful downtown needs to bring people back to the city. Our biggest source of visitors live within 20 miles of here. We are sitting on a goldmine, but we will never tap it until we make it safer if both reality and perception.

I'm not sure why you have a problem with this. This is my neighborhood and I'll continue to speak out about it.

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